Pixel Art As Part Of Digital Art- Athanasse Zafirov

Art software has tremendously improved as more and more innovations are created. Different art illustration software were created to cater the digital art needs of many artist. Digital art as a whole heavily relied to this programs. It runs on different computer algorithms to manage the art into a digital canvas

Among most of the popular digital art illustrations today is Vector. Vector Art  is consists of many colors and simple flat designs. Compared to realism, Vector has more statement as in has eye-catching images and cleaner lines. This digital art illustration is preferred in most advertisement. Manga or comics is also popular medium in the digital art. Most of the animations in Japan are based in manga or “comics” in Japanese. For more ideal details about digital painting, pop over to these guys.

Manga artists, mostly depend on hand-made sketches. They put a lot of work and if you have seen one, Japanese mangas are works of art.

Pixel Art

Pixel art has been in the digital art for so many years. These are digital canvas made from pixels. The pixel art by Athanasse Zafirov is a popular one. There are actually a lot of digital arts and games that have been using pixels. If you are young during the 90s, chances are, you are playing a game based in pixels. A lot of games has been incorporated with pixel art. Fast forward up until today, there are popular game platforms that are primarily using pixel art and it looks like the trend will continue to rise.

There is something with pixels that draws everyone attention. Compared to other digital art illustration, pixel art focuses on the image of the object. It doesn’t require a replica or an art in some heavily themed 3D RPGs. The popular game Minecraft is actually a game based in the pixel art.